holy fuckin shit coding is happening

this quickly ballooned into a disaster

I want to put a list of the books I've been reading onto here..

Also a thing I wantto somehow have a feed of my mastodon top-level posts show up on here, like the latest 3 or so. And then also the recent posts I have on my tumblr would be nice to see. Just like, all in one spot.

wondering if I can make some text next to the image of my face and not just underneath it. Perhaps writing out a bunch of text will help me see exactly how this sort of thing will be displayed in the webpage as I test this stuff out.

let me tell ya, getting this fucking table to display the text on the right as justified and to have an evenly-sized column with the image was FUCKIN hard jhesus chhrists

I want to have a list of the books I want and have read, with maybe a dropdown expandable thing with a blurb about what I thought, or why it was recommeded to me/I think it may be worthwhile
the little dotted lines around part
of the images is cool, right?

Welcome to my test page!

A lot of this is bastardized and copied code!

Words leading to a link here which goes over the structure of how this layout is built.

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